Private Tuition

As well as public shows and private parties I am stepping up my private tuition in Maths. Physics and Chemistry. Due to the current Covid situation many students are experienceing a lack of proper education in these fields so I am now operating an on-line tuition service using Zoom. Rates vary according to your level and needs so please contact me for more information.

Rocket club

We are also running rocket and projectile workshops at out outdoor facility. Here you can actually make and fire a range of different rockets and projectile launchers. Suitable for any age but we would suggest adults accompany under 10s. Groups of between 5 and 10 participants and the session will last about 2 hours.



Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Adventures In Science
2 Keward Walk
Somerset BA5 1TZ

01749 678864

Adventures in Science
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