As we point out during the show many of the experiments can be carried out at home or even at school. The table below lists some of the activities. There are many more not listed. If you would like further advice on any of the activities please contact us.


How is the session organised ?

The sessions are designed to last a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of an hour and a half depending on the range of demonstrations, how they run, audience participation and questions.

Key to following demonstration descriptions :

Ph = Physics
Ch = Chemistry
Od = Outdoor area required
P = Participation available
Ob = Observation only

Description Approx duration Key

Flaming hands.

A series of demonstrations about the insulating properties of water. Audience participation possible.

15mins +

Ph, P
Hydrogen & Oxygen

A series of demonstrations about the power of burning hydrogen and oxygen. Very noisy and some loud bangs can be expected.

15mins +

Ph, P

Exploding eggs

A demonstration on how to make hydrogen and what happens if a plastic egg is filled and then set alight. Noisy and fun.


Ph, P
Dragon fire

series of demonstrations showing flash paper, flash cotton, flash cannon and "dragon's breath".



Ph, P
Can crushing.

Using a combination of steam and atmospheric pressure to crush coke cans - and possibly bigger.



Ph, P, Ob

 A very easy way to turn copper coins into silver and gold.

15Mins Ch, Ob, Od
Carbide cannon

Various unusual uses of acetylene gas from creating light to making a small pop-gun.

15mins Ch, P
Ethanol rocket

The classic whoosh bottle. How to make a rocket using methylated spirits and a large plastic drinks bottle.

15mins Ph, P
Vacuum physics.

Various items are placed in a bell jar which is then evacuated. The effects are then observed. E.g. crisp packet, shaving foam, balloon etc. May include turning water into ice.

10mins Ph, Ob
Spontaneous combustion.

A demonstration showing how mixing of various chemicals can result in ignition without any external application of heat. Group I metals in water if available. Nitrogen tri-iodide if facilities allow it.

15mins Ph, Ob

A range of demonstrations about electric charge and static electricity. Includes a Van de Graff generator.

15mins Ph, Ob, P
Rocket launch.

Several versions available from pump-up rocket, compressed air rocket to ethanol or firework with either chip-cone or missile as appropriate.

30mins Ph, Od, P

A selection of experiments and demonstrations with lasers including light bending, liquid light pipe and burning laser demo.

10mins Ph, Ob
Electricity and Magnetism.

A variety of demonstrations and practicals showing many aspects of electrical and magnetic phenomenon including motors, generators and some very strange magnetic effects.

15 mins + Ph, P

Splitting water into its component elements using an electric current. The gases can be collected in bubbles and ignited creating a small bang to show that hydrogen and oxygen have indeed been produced.

15 mins + Ph, Ch, P

Elephant toothpaste.

Several methods of creating large volumes of foam some using hydrogen peroxide and some using common household chemicals.

15 mins + Ch, Ob

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