School visits and children's parties


As well as public events we can also organise school visits and private parties for a wide range of ages although they are mostly applicable for ages 4 - 12 years.

Session duration is usually an hour but up to half an hour over-run is allowed for depending on how the event progresses.

Most sessions are organised for indoors but if the weather is good we can run an event outdoors. Please note that contingency plans should be in place in the event of bad weather and we usually have various standby options if the situation changes.

The show usually includes the simpler demonstrations with an entertaining edge but we try to run some of the more spectacular experiments without audience participation. Many of the demonstrations are not listed as they are too numerous and will vary from party to party but most will have a certain "wow" factor essential to keep young people's attention.

Contact us for more details about what you would like us to organise and costings.


Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Adventures In Science
2 Keward Walk
Somerset BA5 1TZ

01749 678864

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